BakeSmart Bakery Management Platform
Custom Cake

" We use Bakesmart and are very happy with the software and service. It does everything we need it to do, including a robust system for custom cake orders! "

Bob Anderson
Linda's Bakery

Custom Cake Ordering Made Easy

At BakeSmart we know that custom cake ordering is a top concern for bakers - and for good reason!

Unlimited combinations of cake flavors, filling, icings and decorations make the process complicated. Lack of organization and reporting can result in costly refunds for mistakes that could be avoided. And even worse, customers are given incorrect pricing and your bakery ends up losing money. That’s where we jump in. BakeSmart’s Custom Cake Module provides simple, reliable custom cake ordering.

Order Accuracy

No matter how hard they try, front-of-house staff taking orders may not remember all the little details that go into a custom cake order. With BakeSmart, everything they need is already a part of the Custom Cakes module.

Built-in Upcharges

BakeSmart can help ensure that all your prices and combinations are correct. Build in any upcharges for larger sizes, specialty flavors, and more.


BakeSmart has everything you need to handle all shapes, sizes, and types of cake orders. From making filled, stacked, and decorated cakes to delivery of your special creations, the Custom Cakes module gives you total flexibility

Customer Satisfaction

When everything goes according to plan, your customer gets a beautiful, delicious cake, and you might just get a loyal customer for years to come.

Let us show you how easy it is to bake smarter.