Reflections on #IBIE2016

As I catch my breath from one of the busiest and most intense months in recent memory, I’ve finally had a chance to reflect upon what my team has accomplished in the last 60 days heading into IBIE. We went from zero to a new version of BakeSmart with a completely revamped interface and tons of new features (thank you, Chris – for taking vague thoughts and ideas and turning them into functional code from which our customers will benefit greatly!). We completely re-wrote our e-commerce solution that allows bakeries to have their customers order cakes online and much more (thank you, Jerred – my right hand, my left brain, my voice of reason and devil’s advocate – we survived!). We went from no iOS solution, to an app that connects up with our software to manage inventory and production, take orders, process sales and credit cards and print receipts (thank you, Skhu – you’re allergic to complaining and an arch enemy of the impossible!). We went from an empty 10×20 booth to a booth with demo stations, scheduled appointments and a TV display that allowed us to broadcast our demos (thank you, Barbara Bougher – I am the luckiest son on earth to have your eternal support, trusted guidance and expert coaching to keep us focused). And thank you Buddy and the whole Carlo’s Bakery team – your support of the BakeSmart family adds tremendous expertise and a whole lot of fun!

I sit in exhausted amazement of the difference a dedicated few can make when deadlines are looming and task lists continue to grow. And that difference is software that gives bakery owners a full picture of their operations, from challenges to opportunities, pitfalls to achievements. As we continue to map out the next three years for BakeSmart, I’ve never been more excited about what the future holds. Thank you to all of our customers that continue believe in our product and have stuck with us. You’re the engine that drives this train. Thank you to those owners whom we spoke with at IBIE that have given us another look. We stand ready to impress you. And thank you to those we just met, owners, decorators, production and retail managers, students and consultants. We welcome on the journey of us helping you to solve some of the challenges that stand between your business and it’s growth and success. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

Mike Clements

BakeSmart 1.6 Release!

Today we are announcing the release of BakeSmart v1.6.

This is the first major release since v1.5.3, and required 1,000s of hours of design, development and testing. We’re excited with the result and think you will be, too.

We’ve made several enhancements throughout BakeSmart, with most improvements focused on the Item Tracker, Reporting functions, and performance of BakeSmart’s Stand Alone mode. The end result is an Item Tracker that increase speed and accuracy of order fulfillment, a Reporting module that gives the owner much better control over who can see what, and improved speed and performance for outlying stores that run in Stand Alone mode.

Along with several other minor features and functions, this version is probably the biggest update since we released BakeSmart 1.0 in 2013.

If you are a BakeSmart customer get in touch with us to schedule your update! If you’re not yet a customer, you’ll want to have a look at our latest demo. Download here and contact us for a guided tour.

URGENT – Credit Card Patch for Heartland Merchants

URGENT – Action Required

Due to changes in security requirements, Heartland is closing down one of their older payment gateways and replacing it with a new one. This change will provide a faster and more secure processing experience. This change is taking effect Wednesday, March 16th.

Unless you take action, you will not be able to process credit cards with Heartland after Wednesday, March 16th. We have released a patch to ensure you’re able to continue processing credit cards uninterrupted. Download the appropriate patch using the links below to each machine that processes credit cards and run the installer. Once complete, please run a test transaction to verify the patch is working properly.

NEW BakeSmart:


OLD BakeSmart:


If you have any issues please contact BakeSmart support at 317-426-0001 x1.

If you’re running transactions through a PAX terminal (EMV) you can disregard this message.

BakeSmart 1.4 Released!

We’ve just put the finishing touches on the latest release of BakeSmart and you’re going to want to see it! We have simplified the Production module, streamlined the order process, and did a bit of tidying up in various places. If you’re not yet a customer, you’ll want to have a look at our latest demo. Download here and contact us for a guided tour. If you are a customer get in touch with us to discuss your update!

BakeSmart Team

2015 and BakeSmart

I hope the holiday season was prosperous for our customers and the industry as a whole, and that as you closed your doors on Christmas Eve, you were able to take some time to reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year, as well as look forward to the opportunities that lie in the year ahead.

As many of you are aware, the past year was one of change and loss for the BakeSmart family. The founder of our company – and my dad – Ray Clements, passed away in September as his battle with leukemia came to an end. We will always be thankful for the work he did to build this company and provide an alternative software solution for the retail baking industry, the advice and mentoring he provided to the staff, and the positive attitude he brought to work every day. We miss him and his sense of humor greatly.

Building upon the foundation he laid, 2015 is poised to be a great year for BakeSmart and our customers. We’re bringing on additional development staff to help increase the speed at which we are able to respond to requests and introduce new versions.

In February we will be releasing a version that has some major improvements to reporting, stand alone mode, and the production module, along with a whole host of minor tweaks and polish. We’ll follow up with an announcement when that version is released.

We believe the plan we have in place will allow us to do some really exciting things with BakeSmart in the coming year. Until then, best of luck in the new year!

Press Release: BakeSmart Announces Next Generation Bakery Software

BakeSmart announced the release of the next generation of its bakery software to the baking industry today.  This is the third major release of BakeSmart and features completely new screens, features and functions designed to help bakers quickly and accurately transact, produce and connect with their customers. This new version also provides bakers with an excellent solution as Microsoft prepares to abandon the XP platform in two months’ time.

Regarding the release, Mike Clements, owner of BakeSmart said, “This is an exciting day for us. We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for the past two years, while still developing our existing product line. We knew we wanted to reimagine how software should work inside a bakery. By incorporating industry specific knowledge we gathered working with hundreds of bakeries during the last 10 years, we believe we’ve done that with this release of BakeSmart.”

Clements further added, “As bakers migrate from outdated operating system platforms like Microsoft XP we’re ready to help them with a modern software solution that meets the needs of today’s bakeries.”

BakeSmart will be maintaining its current pricing for the launch of their new version. Any bakery can incorporate the already robust base package of BakeSmart into their day-to-day operations starting at $125 per month (plus installation fees).

BakeSmart first went on sale at RBA Marketplace 2005 in Chicago.


Press Release: BakeSmart Announces New Subscription Pricing

BakeSmart, the bakery software solution from LegacyUSA, LLC, unveiled a new Subscription-Service pricing model to the baking industry today. This Subscription model has considerably lower cost to customers than the previous sales model of BakeSmart, as well as a simpler and more customer-centric purchasing model. Any bakery can incorporate the already robust base package of BakeSmart into their day-to-day operations starting at $125 per month (plus installation fees). Gone are the previous three versions of the software – Limited, Lite and Pro.  In their place, bakeries will sign up for subscriptions based entirely on the size and needs of their bakery – with optional modules and configurations available to them based on their business needs.

Regarding the release, Mike Clements, owner of BakeSmart said, “Leveraging technology is one of the keys to success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As technology providers with a commitment to the baking industry, it is our responsibility to make software as accessible as possible to all bakeries, regardless of size. These new, lower price points do exact that.”

LegacyUSA was founded in 1991 as a custom business software company. Ten years later, LegacyUSA began development on BakeSmart, a vertical software solution for the retail baking industry. BakeSmart first went on sale at RBA Marketplace 2005 in Chicago.


Tiered Pricing article from Bake Magazine

In the latest digital edition of Bake Magazine I came across this interesting article regarding tiered pricing. The idea is to offer the same basic product (doughnuts is one of the examples in the article) at different price levels to capture more customers – specifically, to get the premium dollars you may otherwise miss from not offering a product at a higher price point than you currently do.

The majority of bakeries we encounter employ this strategy to some degree in their pricing structures. But more than anything, I was struck by the  signage from Frost Doughnuts ( that displayed the pricing levels of their product offerings. The image displayed is clean, simple and inviting. I think this display, as much as the pricing structure itself, can entice customers to put those extra dollars in your register.

I’m curious to know how different bakeries inform their customers of their price tiers. What strategies have worked for your bakery to grab those premium bucks?

The BakeSmart Team

New BakeSmart Website Launched!

Welcome to the new BakeSmart website and blog!

We launched the redesign of last week and have added The BakeSmart Blog today.  While the purpose of this blog may change over time, we intend to use it as a place to highlight interesting articles, stories or trends in the baking industry, provide how-to’s, tips and tricks for BakeSmart users, and inform the industry of new developments with BakeSmart.

We hope that you become a frequent visitor to The BakeSmart Blog, and if there’s any content you’d like to see appear here, please let us know here.


The BakeSmart Team