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BakeSmart's POS is easy to learn and easy to use. The POS module is customizable to ensure you have just the right level of security for your bakery, which keeps your line moving, your registers ringing, and your money right! Customer Orders and Custom Cake modules are integrated directly into the POS. No double entry or manual tallying. Just one interface to handle orders and sales.

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Manage the chaos with BakeSmart’s production module. BakeSmart puts you in control of production. Preset your production schedule on a weekly basis, or just run batches as they’re needed. BakeSmart’s production scheduling keeps your showcases stocked, your lot numbers tracked, and inventory levels right.

Produce with BakeSmart


BakeSmart’s flexible Gift & Loyalty module keeps your customers coming back. BakeSmart’s eCommerce module makes you available to your customers 24/7. Don’t have a website? Our in-house staff will build one for you. Barcoded order confirmation emails streamlines order pickups.

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Power up your bakery.

Point of Sale

Touch screen monitors and BakeSmart's customizable and easy-to-use interface allow your employees to complete transactions in seconds.

Customer Orders

Take on orders of all kinds. Quickly generate reports and immediately see how your next days, weeks and months are shaping up.


Managing and ordering Inventory is a breeze with BakeSmart. Full USDA Nutritionals come standard.


Quickly enter formulas and assign them to your products. Include Add-Ons and Packaging to effortlessly track your paper usage.


BakeSmart's barcoding and touch screen functionality takes the guess work out of production. BakeSmart generates production batches with a click.

Custom Cakes

BakeSmart has everything you need to handle all shapes, sizes and types of cake orders.

Gift & Loyalty

Never pay another Swipe Fee. BakeSmart's built in Gift Card module keeps more of your money in your pocket.


BakeSmart Automatically Generates Standing Orders for Each Day of the Week.

Time Cards

Use BakeSmart for employee timekeeping and know your up-to-the-minute labor costs for any pay period.

BakeSmart Online

Stay Open 24/7. With BakeSmart Online, you can continue to sell product, long after the lights have turned off and the ovens have cooled.

QuickBooks Integration

Eliminate double entry and let BakeSmart send your sales and time card data directly to QuickBooks.


Server-based solution. Recommended for bakeries with multiple locations or more than 3 computers simultaneously accessing BakeSmart.

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